Our main business is to act as purchase advisor – to act as the purchaser’s representative in a property transaction on Mallorca – without any extra cost for the buyer.

As a buyer’s broker and advisor, KRAFT Properties typically provide the customers, while local brokers provide the properties. The commission which is paid by the seller, is thereby divided between KRAFT Properties and local partners. Being a partner of all the major local real estate brokers, we offer most of the properties on the market and neutral advisory, only guided by the preferences of our customers, this without any extra costs for the buyers. KRAFT Properties is the buyers’ estate broker. We assist and advise clients before, during and after a transaction. In each stage we provide different valuable services.

Our Services in Three Steps

1. Property Search

  • We strive towards finding the best properties to satisfy our clients’ individual demands. As Kraft Properties is an independent actor representing all the largest local estate brokers, we offer most of the properties on the market, and can thereby meet most buyers’ demands.
  • Before and during property search, to better understand our clients’ wants and needs, we prefer to meet in person, in Scandinavia or on Mallorca.


2 Transaction

  • Legal Advice: KRAFT Properties collaborates with local lawyers, ensuring our clients the most secure transaction.
  • Structure: We can advise on how to structure the purchase in order to optimize the clients’ tax situation and inheritance tax.
  • Financing: KRAFT Properties can assist with debt financing through DNB Luxemburg and Nykredit


3. Post Purchase

  • Rental: We can assist with how to go forward if the customer would like to seasonally rent out his/her property.
  • Renovating: KRAFT Properties has a large network of contractors, interior designers, architects etc. and we are glad to assist and advise in any renovation project.
  • Facility Management: We can provide good recommendations for reliable yet affordable gardeners, pool personnel, house managers and cleaning personnel.


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